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Model & The Mayhem II

Posted By Prisha_Pal on Feb 22, 2009 at 6:17AM

“What the….?@!,” Janet gasped in horror. Janet and her boyfriend were making their way toward Centertown in their late model Audi on I-68. Better known as The River Highway, I-68 hugged the Center River, providing for a scenic drive. The six lanes of traffic, with three each heading north and south respectively, were typically bumper-to- bumper around this time each day, approximately 12:30 PM. Janet’s boyfriend, Steve was speechless. “Who is she? Is she for real? My god, she’s heading right this way and she’s fucking tall!!"

Nyssa was in a trance as she slowly moved her approximately 60-foot long legs through the warm and caressing river water, kicking the stems with added force, stirring up waves that rocked boats within two miles of her. While some people on the River Highway pulled over and exited on foot, the majority of commuters continues their trek, only slowing down to gawk at the beautiful woman, not quite registering what stood before them. As the giantess approached, traffic managed to maintain a steady 20 MPH pace, but something ominous was brewing. The high waves from Nyssa’s legs began lapping over the guardrail with increasing height and pressure. Nyssa was only 100 feet from shore.

“Watch out!” Janet screamed to Steve as he veered the car for safety. A ten-foot wave found its way onto the highway and careened into a line of five cars, sending them in the path of a Mack Truck. The ensuing accident caused a bone-crunching pile-up and sent traffic in the far left lane to a standstill. Janet and Steve were stunned as they witnessed countless people exit their cars and stampede seemingly by the hundreds for safety. The terrified couple wasted no time, joining their fellow commuters on foot.

As Nyssa approached the decimated roadway, her big brown eyes scanned the chaos, her ears taking in the screams and the occasional car crash. The maze of colors from the cars and people’s clothing so far below was just the scene that Nyssa imagined as she prepared for her upcoming Giantesszone shoot. It was perfect. Nyssa stood just at the edge of the river, the roadway just at her belly button. Feeling Godzilla, Nyssa lowered her face just above the lines of cars and fleeing people. ROARRRRrrring! Nyssa cutely rang out as she clawed her fingers and scrunched her face as she girlishly channeled a ferocious Godzilla impersonation. The screams and panic intensified as Nyssa simply marveled in her power, changing poses and facial expressions intermittently as though striking sexy for the cameras on a photo shoot..

Satisfied with the chaos, Nyssa lowered her right hand onto the highway and began walking her ten-foot long fingers among the cars and people, chasing the random crowd with the manicured digits, sometimes flicking people to the ground or sending them in the air a few feet. Just about ready to come ashore, Nyssa fondled a few cars, picking one or two up to examine like a toy, dropping them casually when no longer intrigued.

Nyssa was intent on making her Big City debut and it began by stepping out of the water, where she started by placing her hands on the surface of I-68, her palms flattening a number of cars and creating spider cracks in the road. Next, Nyssa lifted her silky lanky legs and placed her right foot on the roadway, lifting her body and placing her left foot adjacent the right foot. The giantess stood to full height, the countless gallons of river water cascading onto the crunched-up highway like water flowing from Niagara Falls. The bright sun shone down on the towering woman, accenting her gorgeous body and face and showcasing the beautiful painted-on bikini, each flower taking on it own artistic expression so big and high up.

JUST LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE! Nyssa sighed aloud as she scanned the bustling city before her. The beauty stood at the crossroads of I-68 and Center Street, the gateway to downtown. Only eight blocks away, stood the heart of downtown, between it and her lay hundreds if not thousands of people, with the streets jammed with cars, taxis, buses and trucks, the sidewalks crawling with a carpet of people, many already running in a fuss for subways and other means away from a 125-foot model acting out her inner-Godzilla.

CRUNCH! CRUNCH! THUMP! Nyssa stepped onto and over I-68, her pretty feet making short work of abandoned cars, her legs gracefully spanning something like 30 feet at a time. It wouldn’t take long for her to descend upon the bustle of humanity. Within seconds Nyssa found her feet among a row of cars heading westerly. Those brave enough to still have been in the cars would have had the sight of a massive set of pretty toes in their rear view mirrors, with perhaps a flattened car or two underneath.

Nyssa was taking it all in, letting the gentle breeze caress her long black hair, the wind pampering her skin, the pleasing scent of her natural aroma blanketing the scene pleasurably. The sight of her pretty painted bikini was truly stunning among the modern architecture. Nyssa reveled in the sensation of nothing more than a thin layer of paint between her and the dazzling sun.


I’M GIVING YOU 30 SECONDS TO CLEAR ALL THESE PUNY CARS. It was pointless, but that was the whole idea of being a giantess. The only thing Nyssa took in was the sights and sounds of thousands of people on sidewalks and between cars scurrying in the opposing direction. OH WELL. Nyssa bit her lip as she lifted her right foot and stepped forward onto a landscape of abandoned vehicles. The echo of popping glass and crushing steel was menacing.

Within seconds Nyssa was at the city’s largest intersection, Center and Main. The bypass featured an outdoor retail mall with a brand new main entrance with a four-story glass atrium, a large parking garage, several office buildings, several newly built apartment buildings and a massive elevated subway platform. Within it in all lay thousands of panicked office workers, shoppers and tourists scurrying like ants. Nyssa stood high above, absorbing the pandemonium. GOSH, I’VE NEVER GOTTEN SUCH A WARM WELCOME LIKE THIS BEFORE IN MY LIFE. ALL THIS ATTENTION CAN LEAVE A GIRL POOPED.

DID I MENTION MY NAME IS NYSSA? WELL, I THOUGHT I’D SHARE A LITTLE ABOUT ME. FIRST, I’M FREAKIN’ TALL AS SHIT. SECOND, I’M GODZILLA’S NUMBER ONE FAN. Nyssa then knelt down and peered into the lower floors of an office building, squinting to see to the tiny people busy themselves behind the windows. Nyssa tapped the glass with her massive finger, winking to the flinching populace, giggling with delight. AAAHHH, PEOPLE, Nyssa sighed luxuriously.

Suddenly, a commotion stirred from Main Avenue. A reckless driver was barreling through the intersection, smashing cars, its freaked out driver heading in Nyssa’s direction. Then, without warning the car veered into another and flipped over, landing ten feet from the giant stunner. AAW, YOU POOR PEOPLE, Nyssa teased as she laid her knees on the roadway and sat on her feet. Nyssa picked up the car, the people inside in frenzy, the car’s wheels still spinning. Nyssa peered inside. WOW, YOU PEOPLE ARE PUNY. LOOK, BEING A GIANT WOMAN IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN TO STOP, SO…

Nyssa placed the car right-side up at the entrance to the office building nearest her. With car still in drive mode, the vehicle careened through the glass and steel entrance with a crash, where it continued to drive right through the lobby and crash into the concierge desk. Horrified people in the lobby stared outside, only to see a massive beautiful face batting its big brown eyes back at them. The tall girl captured the freakish scene with a monster movie-like perspective. HI, PEOPLE, Nyssa waved delicately.

Next, Nyssa lowered her head lower onto the roadway, her extensive hair smothering most of the cars in her vicinity. At this level, Nyssa’s perspective took on a more day-to-day sidewalk view, capturing the street-level details of normal life; street signs, traffic lights and license plate numbers. But, what caught the beauty’s eye more than anything was a crowd of people cowering in a coffee shop to her left, that and a Budweiser Beer truck to her right. Smiling mischievously, with cat like reflexes, Nyssa shot out her left hand in the direction of the coffee shop, pretty fingers entering the doorway and grasping a woman in their clutches. The woman screamed as the giantess brought her closer. MMM, HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, Nyssa purred as she held the lady to her eyes. WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO BE AS BIG AS ME, YA KNOW, ACTING LIKE GODZILLA, FREAKING PEOPLE OUT, CRUSHING CARS AND THROWING SHIT? IT REALLY IS FUN. Nyssa giggled, the woman let out a blood-curdling scream. I’M CHANNELING MY INNER-GODZILLA, BUT, GOSH, YA KNOW, I HAVEN’T MADE UP MY MIND ON THE WHOLE PEOPLE-EATING THING YET. I’LL HAVE TO PONDER THAT ONE. Nyssa eyed the woman some more before placing her back on the ground. The woman ran off.

Nyssa giggled as she adjusted her hair, turning her attention to that beer truck. WOW! WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? Nyssa tapped the roof of the truck, then pried open the side cargo area daintily with her finger. In it were numerous kegs filled with refreshing beer on their way to thirsty patrons. HOW CUTE, LET’S HAVE A PARTY. Nyssa plucked a keg out of its confines and held it in her palm, the 100-pound object like no more than a set piece for a dollhouse amongst her fingers. MMM, HHHMMM, Nyssa oozed as a wicked idea thundered through her pretty head. The 125-foot model placed the keg in her left hand and flicked it with her right middle finger. The first target; the mall. The keg propelled like a bullet into the four-story glass façade of the retail shops, collapsing the structure with a monumental crash of glass, the ferocious sound echoing for miles. The keg landed in the food court, but not before barreling over chairs and tables and pummeling several shoppers. UH…THAT WAS…SO AWESOME. Next, Nyssa aimed a keg in the direction of an office building, flicking it where it crashed against its glass framework, sending glass and metal raining down on people on the sidewalk, the keg continuing to roll down the street, injuring several people. Nyssa watched as the façade continued to slowly peel away.

Then, Nyssa’s eyes widened as they caught a lone motorist in a car just behind her, in fact just under her bikini bottom, make a run for safer ground. OK, LITTLE PERSON, WHERE ARE YOU OFF TO? Nyssa addressed down the man as he stood frozen with fear in the street, realizing a 125-foot woman had caught him. Nyssa simply lowered her right hand fingers before him and lightly flicked him to the sidewalk. The man was sent twenty feet in the air and landed fifty feet away on top of the Victoria’s Secret awning. Nyssa reached behind her, under her ass and retrieved the wayward man’s car, placing it on the portico of the neighboring office building, the structure quickly straining under the weight.


Totally amused with being a giant woman, it seemed the fun never ceased for Nyssa. To her delight, she spotted a gasoline truck over in the next block. THIS IS GONNA ROCK…MOVE OVER GODZILLA…

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The Model & The Mayhem

Posted By Prisha_Pal on Jan 17, 2009 at 6:04AM

“Ring Ring”…”Hello,” Nyssa groggily answered the phone in a sleepy stupor. It was 2PM, but Nyssa hadn’t gotten to bed until the wee hours of the morning due to a hectic photo shoot the night before that lasted some eight hours. “Yup, those are the latest photos on my website. They’re current as of yesterday,” Nyssa assured as she rubbed her eyes and searched for a pad of paper and a pen on her nightstand. “Yes, I could do that. Right now I’m home here in Philadelphia, but I could easily get on a plane and be in Centertown as soon as you’d like. That would be great if you could book my travel arrangements for me,” Nyssa said with delightful surprise.

The 26-year old Asian beauty could hardly catch her breath from the excitement as she hung up the phone. The petite professional model had just accepted an invitation to shoot for Ms. Glamour Magazine, one of the most sought after fashion magazine shoots in the country. Only the prestige of Cosmo rivaled it. Excitement and anticipation overcame exhaustion as she speed-dialed her close friend, Julie. “Omigod!” Nyssa belted through the phone to her friend. “I can’t believe it! I just got the most incredible phone call! Ms. Glamour wants me for a shoot tomorrow in Centertown. I’ve never done a body painting gig before, so this should be really fun. This is like the most incredible opportunity a girl could ask for!” Nyssa declared. She could hardly contain herself. “That is totally cool!” Julie beamed with glee and congratulated her long time friend. “I’ve been on a roll..my bookings just keep coming..”

Julie bestowed more congrats and inquired more about a video shoot the following week. “I’m so proud of you. But what I’d like to hear more about is that video you’re shooting next week where you become a giant in a city. That sounds so awesomely fun!” Julie marveled. “Yeah, I’m shooting for a guy at a video website called Giantesszone. His videos are all about the giantess fetish, where girls act out being giants in these model cities. I just love the concept and the thought of walking around the set with all the miniature buildings, cars and people seemed so cool to me. I just have to try it at least once.” Nyssa confessed. “Hmm, may be I’ll try it next,” Julie mused, almost seriously.

The rest of the day, Nyssa spent her time doing routine chores; laundry, paying bills and packing her bags. She capped off the evening with a relaxing bath, her iPhone caressing her ears with her favorite tunes as she soaked in the tub, aromatic candles wafting soft scents in the air. The next morning, Ms. Glamour’s arranged car service met the lovely Nyssa at her home at 4:30AM for a one-hour flight at 6AM to Centertown. Being glamorous wasn’t all fun and games, the photo shoot began at 11 AM and it would take several hours for hair, make-up and, of course, the body-painting.

Nyssa proceeded to the airport, through security and aboard a first-class flight in an emotional haze; no doubt she was pooped from the whirlwind of activity. Arriving in Centertown, the limo driver greeted the young woman at the exit, took her bags and escorted her to the waiting sleek black Lincoln Town Car. Nyssa had been to Centertown only a couple of times; the city had a massive population, a large and bustling city center and a beautiful river that snaked through it all, but never quite caught on like New York City. “Why couldn’t Ms. Glamour have been headquartered in New York? It would’ve been great to see a Broadway show, Times Square ‘n shit.” Nyssa pondered to herself.

Within 20 minutes, Nyssa was being dropped off at the Ms. Glamour photo studio, a small one-story warehouse just outside downtown and only three miles from their worldwide headquarters. Nyssa wasn’t impressed with the exterior. “Looks like my friend’s apartment building in Brooklyn,” Nyssa mused. However, when the beautiful woman entered the studio’s frosted-glass doors, she was floored. The cool air smelled of a hint of exotic flowers, quickly soothing Nyssa’s soft skin on this steamy hot summer day; natural light courtesy of numerous skylights livened her mood and gave the studio an ultra modern/minimalist feel.

“Ah, I see you made it. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Brian Erton with Ms. Glamour. I’ll be guiding you through the whole process today,” Mr. Erton comforted. “I am so excited and flattered to be here. You don’t know how much I appreciate the opportunity,” Nyssa countered. “Please, the honor is all ours. You’ve got just the ‘look’ we want. Impress us today and you’ll be cover girl material,” Brian hinted melodiously with a smile.

Nyssa was escorted into her changing room. Ordinarily, Nyssa did her own make-up and hair, but this was the Big Time and Nyssa was moving up; Brian introduced Nyssa’s hair and make-up people. “Also, I want you to meet Joanne Gair who will be your body paint artist today. “I’m so excited to meet you. I’ve seen your work for the Sports Illustrated models,” Nyssa gushed shyly. “I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic because we’re gonna be doing a rather simple painting; a little number inspired by La Isla Couture Swimwear. It’s a sexy two-piece. A very pretty red, yellow, and pink floral pattern with some black trim that I think will complement your natural beauty.”

It was now 9:30 AM and hair and make-up were just finishing, her black hair shined and flowed gracefully, soft lips radiating in pink. Nyssa’s pretty brown eyes widened in satisfaction as they captured the artists’ work in the mirror, pupils brightening. Next, Brian escorted Nyssa to the dressing room where Joanne and her team were standing by to paint. “OK, Nyssa, I want you to stand right here on this white tarp over here. I’ve adjusted the thermostat for comfort, so whenever you’re ready, please remove your robe,” Joanne instructed. Nyssa disrobed without much fuss, her years of modeling experience allowing her an air of confidence and maturity.

The staff was running a little behind schedule, but managed to complete the body paint job in a relatively short period of time; two-and-a-half hours. “Wow! It looks beautiful!” Nyssa gasped. “It’s waterproof, no one would ever know it was painted on,” Joanne bragged. “What is that smell?” Nyssa inquired. While striking, the painted bikini let out a hint of toxic-like odor. “Here, let me help” Joanne sprayed a light fragrance to counter the remnant fumes.

“Just look at you!” Brian exclaimed as he entered the room. “Simply stunning! Now, we’re gonna be doing the shoot outside on our gorgeous patio overlooking the Center River, the cityscape in the background.” As Brian talked, an assistant placed a robe back on the model and guided Nyssa outside. The bright noontime sun beamed down from above, highlighting a breathtaking view, a magnificent backdrop to a dream photo shoot.

“That’s it, now I need more grit..give me some more fire..perfect!” the photographer coaxed. It was twenty minutes into the shoot and things were going swimmingly. “I think we have a cover for next month’s mag,” Brian suggested aloud to the editors nearby.

Nyssa was lovin’ the moment. All her dreams seemed to be coming true. Then, out of the sudden, that noxious odor, combined with the baking sun, it was enough to make a girl faint. “Hey, I’m feelin’ a little woozy. Can I get a drink? I may need to sit down” Nyssa begged. The bikini-clad beauty felt more disappointed than sick. “I hope I don’t blow this opportunity?” Nyssa worried to herself. Just then, the young woman felt a warm sensation reverberate through her body, then a pulsating pressure. People around her gasped as Nyssa’s limbs appeared to lengthen. “Are you OK?” Brian asked in a panic. Nyssa was too stunned to reply as her body outgrew the chair she sat in, opting instead to sit on the patio floor.

The chatter and banter picked up as Nyssa moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure; her body now spanned 25 feet as she lifted herself up onto her bare feet, standing above all the people. Cameras, pens and clipboards were dropped simultaneously as people screamed and headed away from the increasingly towering woman. “Please..help..me” Nyssa pleaded as her body climbed to 75 feet, the patio collapsing in an ugly roar, wood and steel crashing down with a thunderous applause, seemingly impressed by the growth spurt. The pain subsided and Nyssa could see over the photo studio where employees were quickly driving off, car horns blasting as they beckoned other vehicles for the right of way. Nyssa was in shock as she felt her body continue to grow; 100 feet, then finally topping off at approximately 125 feet.

Nyssa stood high above it all, taking in the newly tiny world around her as she examined her arms, hands, fingers, feet, legs to be sure this wasn’t a dream. HOLY SHIT, Nyssa laughed. I….AM….A…..FREAKIN’…GIANT. Nyssa’s smile could barely fit on her gorgeous face. HEY, WHERE’S EVERYONE GOING? Nyssa teased good-naturedly as she watched people in neighboring buildings head for their cars, quietly opening car doors in the hopes of not stirring the attention of a giant woman. Nyssa just couldn’t help but address the fleeing office workers. BE REAL QUIET NOW. THE GIANT WOMAN WON’T NOTICE THE FLEEING PEOPLE, she uttered softly. Her comment registered menacingly as several people screamed. “Looks like I need to cancel that Giantesszone shoot for next week. Got the real thing here,” Nyssa thought to herself as she snorted a laugh to herself.

Nyssa took a good look around and besides the fleeing people, screams and honking cars in her near vicinity, the lapping warm water of the 55-foot deep Center River soothed her senses when she spotted a bridge that spanned the river to downtown. The Piketown Bridge was a four-lane roadway that stood approximately 60 feet above the water’s surface. Nyssa’s inner-giantess stirred when she noticed it was jam packed with vehicles, the cacophony of tires spinning on concrete and the occasional horn blaring was just too tempting for a giant woman to ignore. Nyssa carefully scaled the remnants of the wrecked patio and stepped over a number of picnic tables and found her way into the Center River, the warm summer water pampering her pretty skin. AAAhhh, Nyssa purred as she slowly ambled deeper into the river’s clutches. Nyssa eyed the bridge as she headed in its direction, the river’s deepest point level with her cute belly button. As se approached, Nyssa spotted several freighters, commuter ferries and recreational boats in the not-to-far-distance. “They’ll be fun to play with next,” Nyssa mused.

Now within 100 feet of the bridge, Nyssa could see that she had been spotted. Cars began coming to a screeching halt, a truck rear-ended an SUV with a ferocious roar and another car rammed into a support beam. The 125-foot Nyssa approached as gracefully as she would on a photo shoot, taking in the screams of panicked people. Closer still, Nyssa was awe-struck at how tiny the cars and people looked. FREAKY! Nyssa marveled as she came upon the bridge. Now standing adjacent the span, which lay level with just below her painted bikini top, Nyssa’s big beautiful brown eyes studied the calamitous scene, her gorgeous black hair gusting in the wind, an errant strand or two catching in the bridge’s support structure and detaching, the lengthy strands draping over several cars.

As the warm water caressed Nyssa’s heavenly body, pampering her gently, pandemonium ensued just below her pretty pink glossed lips. People ran in two directions; toward downtown and out-of-town. Nyssa smirked at some hapless people as they attempted in vein to maneuver wrecked cars that sat just below her nose. UM…PEOPLE…YOUR LITTLE CARS ARE LIKE TOTALLY SMOOSHED, Nyssa teased before laughing. I JUST CRACK MYSELF UP. Nyssa then studied an 18-wheeler whose engine was smoldering. “This is too good a giantess moment to pass up,” Nyssa whispered to herself under her breath. Slowly, the giant woman moistened her lips before puckering them cutely. With a slow deliberate breath, Nyssa blew a kiss in the direction of the doomed 18-wheeler. The small smoldering flame, which the driver was struggling to put out with a fire extinguisher, was greeted by the soft feminine gust. Virtually without warning, the flame was stoked and burst into a massive commotion, the red and yellow torch reaching heights of 15 feet, sending embers into the air, where they landed on cars. I KNEW I WAS HOT, BUT PEOPLE…PLEASE, Nyssa purred as she watched two cars catch fire, its occupants making a mad dash to exit.

The scene was something Nyssa hadn’t witnessed since she watched the last Godzilla movie, which had been awhile. OK, PEOPLE, YOU’VE BEEN SOO FUN. WITH ALL THIS DESTRUCTION, PEOPLE PANICKING AND SCREAMING, WHO NEEDS A GODZILLA SEQUEL? A GIANT WOMAN LIKE ME…WELL, I’VE GOT THE BEST MOVIE SET…REAL LIVE PEOPLE, REAL CARS, ROADS AND A CITY TO PLAY IN. Nyssa paused to witness a terrified driver veer into an abandoned car and flip on its side. The giantess moved in closer and positioned her big brown eyes menacingly beside the doomed vehicle to catch a glimpse of the three tiny people inside scramble to safety. HEY, PEEPS, THAT CAR CRASH WAS TOTALLY COOL, Nyssa cutely complimented the crash victim.

Nyssa sighed as she scanned the cityscape, took in all the screams and vehicular destruction she wrought without so much as scratching a beautiful fingernail.

I THINK A GIRL COULD GET USED TO THIS CITY. LET ME INTRODUCE MYSFELF TO PEOPLE DOWNTOWN, Nyssa announced as she waded in the water toward the nearest pier. MMM, THIS WATER IS SO LUXURIOUS. The sounds of mayhem from the bridge resonated in her pretty ears as she eyed the maze of congested streets and shimmering buildings just before her.

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